Book Review: Grammar by Diagram


Honestly, I really needed to brush up on my grammar skills. Thankfully, Grammar by Diagram is a helpful book on grammar; also, it is interactive, so writing all over it is fine. I used this book as a textbook in college, so most of my pages had been filled out; I just decided to reread this book in order to brush up on grammar and to practice diagramming.

My second time through this book has been wondrous. I retaught myself how to diagram and learned how to diagram all types of clauses. I also relearned grammar rules, which I hope it will be useful when I am writing my story.

I had a bit of problems when it came to verbs like infinitive, gerunds and participles, but the book helped me with that problem; however, I’m just worried about making the same mistake again. The explanations are very easy to understand too. Vitto uses examples and diagrams a lot to help even those who are awful at grammar.

Diagramming sentences is what this book is about. It’s fun, when you know what to do. However, sometimes, the process can be kind of tedious. When I thought a sentence is diagrammed one way, it is actually diagrammed in another way. Also, the gray exercise boxes can be a bit too small at times since I have an odd tendency to diagram my sentences largely. Diagramming can be helpful when forming a sentence as well.

One aspect I don’t like about this book revolves around the exercises that do not appear on the answer sheets. I am someone who worries a lot, so I tend to worry whether or not I am doing things properly. When I work on an exercise that I am expecting to answer myself, I tend to worry whether or not I am doing it right or if the sentences I am writing are all in their proper forms; however, I stop worrying quickly because I know my answers are right. It’s a weird repetitive cycle.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was nice to have read an interactive book. Such type may not be the last, so I am hopefully anticipating my next review of an interactive book. The exercises can be helpful as well, albeit tricky. I would recommend anyone seeking to relearn grammar to read this book.


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