Stationery Review: Iwako Japanese Curry Rice Japanese Eraser

I’m doing a stationery review this time! Today, I’ll be reviewing an eraser. I have a lot of pencils but few erasers. I got this eraser from Gingko Papers and bought it from there as they were having a sale before they closed down. That was like…two years ago. I had found the eraser from the depths of my desk drawer and I finally decided to use it.

Here’s the label. I can read a little Japanese–just Katakana and Hiragana.

It’s small. It feels slightly smoother than a Staedtler eraser, but it still has that rubbery texture. The curry and the rice can be removed, so there’s actually three erasers in one.


Does it erase well? Let’s see…

The following page I am showing you is from Grammar by Diagram by Cindy L. Vitto (I just finished it today, so I will do a review on it).

Here’s the before…


Here’s the after.


I think it erases well. It doesn’t look like it because I like to press hard on the paper whenever I write on paper (the pencil I used was Dixon Ticonderoga).

Overall, it’s an okay eraser. It’s not the best, but erasers are just erasers–they erase your written mistakes.


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