Skincare Review: Luke Lemon Tea Tree Nose Cleansing Strip

Skincare is something I’ve been getting an interest in lately. I don’t have good skin, so I’ve been doing my best to care for it to become cleaner.

I have a lot of blackheads on my nose, and for that purpose, I’ve been interested in nose cleansing strips a lot lately. The product I am reviewing today was something my mom bought at TJ Max.


The Luke Lemon Tea Nose Cleansing Strip is a product I’m not too familiar with. I don’t think I’ve even heard of the Luke brand until I got this product. The doll mascot on the front is cute.

The packaging is simple; the yellow shows off that it’s lemon scented. The box contained ten strips that were packaged in a yellow pack with the doll mascot on it. The strip is white and smells like lemon–it’s strong too, so I like it.

When I put this on my nose, it usually works; a lot of blackheads and dirts are removed. However, if your nose is too wet, it can leave a residue once dried and removed. For me, it removed a lot on some occasions, but a few in others. I think it depends on how wet your nose is. If you wet it too much, it doesn’t take out too much dirt. Be careful of how much you wet your nose when using this product–an advice I will stick onto next time I use a nose cleansing strip.

I searched this on Google, and it turns out that there are also a mugwort strip and a charcoal strip for the Luke brand. I probably won’t be getting the lemon product again since I like trying new things (and I bought a whole bunch of nose strips at TJ Max a while ago), but I would like to try the mugwort and charcoal kind.




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