Makeup Review: FACE it Oil Cut Pore Powder Pact

…I’m not really sure if this is considered a review since I rarely used this product and it is expired; I bought this like two to three years ago. I think this is discontinued since it’s unavailable in Amazon. It’s a waste to throw it away too, so I’ve decided to play around with it until it runs out.

Very shiny.

This compact has a nice design. I like the shade of blue it has. The clearness can be used as a second mirror.

Here’s the actual mirror

It’s a bit light-colored. I remembered putting this on a few years ago. My skin is quite pale even back then, so it looked like I didn’t put it on. Though, it’s quite light despite how powdery it looks.

I’m not sure if it actually controls oil since I rarely used it, but it does seem to have it by the texture of the powder.

The cushion that comes with it is very soft; it’s probably my favorite thing out of the whole product.

I apologize for not being able to give a thorough review for this one. If I had constantly used this in the past, I’m sure I would’ve liked it. For now, it’s current fate is to be messed around it.





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