Writingsyndrome’s 1-year anniversary!!!

It’s already been a year since I’ve created this blog! Yay! Although my updates are sporadic, I’m still glad people enjoy the content I post on this blog.

Anyways, let’s start with a bit of a life update. I got a full-time job three weeks ago, but it doesn’t really hinder the updates of this blog. Rather, the only thing my job hinders is the free time for writing my story.

Speaking of my story, I’ve been rewriting my novel so much to the point that I’m annoying myself. Fortunately, I believe I found a good path that I want to take for my novel, so, hoepfully, I’ll get to finish it by the end of the year or early 2018.

What’s in store after today? Well, here are some future posts that I’ll be doing:

  • More beauty product reviews
  • Manga review (Just finished a manga a few days ago; I am starting my review on it today)
  • Perhaps an art post
  • More book reviews
  • Anime reviews (I won’t be doing recent anime for now; I’m going to do past anime)
  • Game reviews (I…still need to finish Tales of Berseria)
  • and other miscellaneous posts.

I’m honestly excited what I’ll be posting for my followers in the future. I hope that everyone can enjoy what I like to write about.

(Also, the featured image has nothing to do this post; I just used this screenshot because it’s tranquil and I like it a lot)


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