Makeup Review: The Face Shop Lovely Me:EX Pure My Lips


Another beauty product review. This lip gloss is from a Korean brand, The Face Shop. Their products are okay. I have sensitive skin, so I broke out badly one time when I was trying their skincare products. Since then, I have been a bit iffy about them, but I do like their makeup products.

I actually got this lip gloss on my birthday this past March from my mother. The shade is #4 Lucid Purple.

#4 Lucid Purple

What I’ve noticed in lip products is that sometimes, the color of the product doesn’t match up with the sticker. I guess it’s because the sticker is colored digitally while the lip product isn’t.

Though, I am like the worst when it comes to color. I can’t tell red or pink apart at times. The same applies to purple and pink. Is this purple or pink? I think it’s a mix of both. It reminds me of the walls of my room. It’s a mix of purple and pink; I’m not sure if there is an official name for such a shade.

Is this called a stick or a wand?

For the usage, I usually put this on top of the lipstick I use, Clinique’s Long Last Lipstick (#79 Bamboo Pink), because the lipstick doesn’t show up well on my lips. Fortunately, it gives color to my lips and the color that mixes with the lipstick is a nice shade that isn’t too bright or too dark. It’s glossy too, so it gives my lips an extra shine when I apply it. I also like the texture. It’s not too thick or too thin; it’s somewhere in between.

Purple or pink?

The only complaint I have is that it comes off too easily, but I think it’s because I’m probably not putting it on right. If it’s not that, then it really does come off easily. I have to reapply it at least twice whenever I go out.

Would I buy this product again? Perhaps. I like trying new things as well, so if I were to buy this product again, I’d choose another shade. From what I searched on Google, there are five shades; if this line isn’t discontinued, then I’d like to try out the rest.


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