Makeup Review: Clinique Long Last Lipstick

I’m surprised to do a beauty product review, but I want to write about something as I am almost finishing up the book for my next book review (I have like 80+ pages left but it might take a while since I read as slow as a snail).

I have a lot of beauty products so, I guess I’ll just do this one for now and see how it fares.

For this lipstick, I got it as a gift from one of my mother’s church colleagues as a graduation gift. I wasn’t big on makeup before, but now I’m slowly falling into the beauty world.

I like how the packaging looks.

This is my first lipstick, and I think it’s great. It’s smooth, dry and applies easily onto the lips. The shade I have is Bamboo Pink (79).

Although it looks brown, it’s more like a mix of brown and pink. My lips are of a similar color, so it’s hard to tell that I applied it on my lips if it weren’t for the shimmer.

How…does one do a beauty product review on a blog?

I often like to put coat this lipstick with lipgloss so that my lips has some color. Two lipgloss products I use are Lovely Me:Ex Pure My Lips (04 Lucid Purple) and Lovely Me:Ex Volume my lips (05 Rose Pink); both are from The Face Shop.

Overall, I think this lipstick is great. I like how it feels when I apply it on my lips. The only downside is that the color is a bit too light for my liking. I probably won’t buy this color again since I like brighter colors.



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